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Leading the world in mutual fund capital loss

The Porcine Fund is specifically designed for individuals and institutions who wish to offset inconvenient capital gains with a countervailing capital loss. The careful balancing of capital gains and losses can have beneficial tax implications. The Porcine Fund is an excellent choice for executing a strategy of tax loss harvesting. In addition, The Porcine Fund is available to any individual or institution with an immediate need to sustain a monetary loss.

The Porcine Fund staff pledges that each and every investor will realize a complete and total loss of all pecuniary resources. Every staff member at The Porcine Fund squanders each dollar invested as if it were their own. The Porcine Fund is committed to 100% capital loss of any amount over any time period. Never made a dime and never will. We mean it.

Invest today. You'll be glad you did.


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